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Lee Boss

Whether You Sell Your Business or Not, the Planning is the Same

There are many things for you to consider as you think about the future of your business ownership: When is the right time to move on? How much money will I need? How do I even sell this business? These questions dovetail into an important decision you’ll try to make early in the process of…

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Lee Boss Presents NJBIA Webinar on Practical Considerations About Succession Planning

Managing Director Lee Boss presented a NJBIA Webinar on Practical Considerations About Succession Planning on Thursday, January 18, 2018, where he discussed methods of transferring ownership of your company and how to maximize long-term value. To watch the webinar, click here. As a business owner, planning for the future is a given. You know it must happen…

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How to Increase Your Business Value Using Value Drivers

A fundamental aspect of a successful business exit is assuring that your business has enough value to allow you to exit with financial security. This, coupled with wisely invested non-business assets, gives you the best chance to pursue the Exit Path you want on the timeline you want. Obtaining a proper, professional business valuation is…

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A Backup Plan for Family Business Owners & Their Successors

Owners preparing for any type of exit find that circumstances can—and often do—change. Intergenerational business transfers are no exception. The twist in family business transfers is that owners should have a backup plan not only for themselves, but for their successor as well. A Backup Plan For You. Let’s look at the most common causes…

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Exits Are Inevitable, Failure Is Not: Planning A Successful Exit

We understand that business owners are so busy addressing today’s economic challenges that they can overlook the critical task of Exit Planning. We also understand that, at some point, all owners exit their businesses. When that day arrives, owners want to exit on their terms, the most important of which are financial independence and choosing…

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Could A PEO Prune Your Employment-Related Hassles?

For business owners, employment-related hassles can sprout like weeds and quickly grow out of control. If you find yourself constantly getting tangled in a thicket of HR and payroll problems, a professional employment organization (PEO) might be just the gardener you need. Fewer burdens – As their name indicates, PEOs take on employment-related tasks such…

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A Successful Business Requires Strong Governance

Begin With the Business Structure  Good governance starts with the initial organization (or reorganization) of a business. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll focus on governance issues in the context of a corporation, which is required by law to have a board of directors and officers and to observe certain other formalities. Other business structures,…

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Develop A Strong Business Succession Plan

Most business owners want to see their business continue to prosper, even after they have passed the mantle of leadership on to their successors. Unfortunately, many owners do not realize – or underestimate – the depth of planning that must take place to guarantee that a leadership transition does not cripple their business. Developing a…

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Budget Less, Forecast In Real Time A Winning Strategy For Some

Budgeting seems to be going out of vogue in some company circles as financial markets, and the economy at large, is becoming increasingly volatile and more difficult to predict. In the place of budgets, companies have started to introduce rolling forecasts, flexible budgets and event-driven planning. These forecasting tools afford companies the opportunity to continue…

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