Family Office Services


As a member of a high net worth family or a multi-generational business owner, you have important responsibilities. You need a team of individuals to handle your affairs – both for the big picture and for the day-to-day. Our family office services team is your solution.

At Mercadien, we are your financial quarterback, facilitating and coordinating all of your family’s financial needs. We know it’s not just about trust and estate planning and maximizing your tax benefits (though we know that’s important). Our family office services are about having someone in your corner who you can depend on to help you set the best course for your family’s wealth and wellbeing. Some of that is strategy, some of that is checking to-dos off a list, but a lot of that is letting us help you navigate whatever comes next.


Engaging Mercadien means that you’ll have all the moving pieces in one place. We’ll work collaboratively with your other strategic partners to develop a multi-dimensional, comprehensive management plan for your family that includes compliance, back office support and a high level of confidentiality. We aim to be that first call you make when contemplating any life-changing decision and know when that happens, we’ve earned your trust.

We’ve been lucky to have clients span generations and believe that continuity is mutually beneficial. Not only do we have the opportunity to get to know you through the years, but you get to know us. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your family, comprised of individuals with different perspectives and expertise – available and ready to support you in your next endeavor. Our clients rely on us and in return we are committed to and passionate about making their dreams a reality.

Coordination and communication are key. With your sophisticated life and needs, you’ll appreciate that details are attended to; each action and consequence thought through and your family’s goals considered.

We can be as involved as you want us to be. Some of our family office clients hire us to handle everything, while others prefer our bird’s eye view.  Either way, we believe it is part of our role to educate all generations on topics impacting their financial life. Technology has allowed us access to real-time data and analysis to stay future-focused while keeping a handle on the past. However, we know technology isn’t for everybody. We’ll tailor how we communicate with you in accordance with your needs and convenience.

After all, our priority is to know you and accelerate your objectives.


  • Family CFO
  • Family governance
  • Advisory services
  • Tax preparation and planning
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Philanthropic advisory
  • Paycheck Protection Program & Other COVID-19 Business Assistance
  • Strategic partners
  • International human capital advisory
  • Administration and planning
    • Financial
    • Strategic
    • Retirement
    • Education
  • Business Interruption Claims Assistance


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