Compliance Consulting Services


When your company or governmental entity is cited with findings in a report issued by a regulatory body, or you incur losses due to internal inefficiencies and are faced with reductions in funding, paying penalties or other consequences that may impair operations, you must confront these challenges. It can be a confusing and stressful time with a lot at stake. You don’t have time to waste, you need an experienced team that can step in and formulate an action plan without any red tape. Our compliance consulting services do just that.

At Mercadien, we’ve worked with many clients who have been faced with similar situations. We analyzed the circumstances, assessed the compliance requirements to which they must adhere and developed effective recommendations on how to find a solution. Because we know accountability, transparency and a thorough understanding of all the facts are necessary in order to find a resolution, we work closely with your management team to develop the answer. You’ll have results that will provide a roadmap for improved business continuity while satisfying your regulatory requirements and oversight entity.

Collaborative, deadline-driven, deliverable-focused, and strong advocates of straight-forward communication, you can rely on our team to work within your timeframe and budgetary needs so you can leverage our expertise on your terms. Consider us your on-call problem-solvers. It’s part of delivering the Mercadien Client Experience.


Aside from being a resource after a problem has occurred, where we develop corrective measures, provide guidance on implementation, and administer monitoring procedures, our clients also come to us to help them prepare for anticipatory measures. Whether that’s through fiscal and programmatic oversight of third parties, acquiring proper documentation, budget monitoring, or developing business process and control improvements, we put risk mitigation at the forefront of the strategies we recommend. We’ll help you mitigate problems or build a stronger process before you have any.

Additional areas of expertise include assisting governmental and healthcare agencies in responding to new or changing legislation. This is done in many ways – such as helping to thoughtfully navigate how the changes impact employees, operations, and the bottom line. Our clients tell us that our compliance consulting reports provide both technical and strategic recommendations that serve as a guide to change management. We believe in providing continuity – and that having a deep understanding of our client’s needs is important – so we maintain a consistent team on our engagements. By having a dedicated group of professionals to serve you year after year, our team continues to build on the knowledge of your business and stay current with the environment in which your business operates.

In addition, we provide performance audits under Government Auditing Standards (GAS), and agreed-upon procedures under the AICPA’s Attestation Standards and GAS or specific sets of regulations that may be applicable to your business. Operating with a no surprises methodology, we are independent, objective, and on time, working with you throughout the year to meet your needs.

Our clients know us as a go-to resource for solutions on their audit and compliance consulting issues. Our goal is to mitigate risk, address current concerns, and prepare your organization to function in the best way possible now and in the future.


  • Contract compliance
  • Regulatory compliance oversight
  • Employee benefit analysis
  • Government advisory
  • Risk assessment and remediation
  • Sub-recipient and third-party monitoring
  • Business process and control improvements
  • Internal and performance audits
  • HIPAA, EHR and HITECH compliance


  • AICPA Government Audit Quality Center (GAQC)
  • Association of Environmental Authorities
  • Association of Government Accountants
  • BioNJ
  • College Business Officers Association
  • Government Finance Officers Association
  • Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • New Jersey Association of Counties
  • New Jersey Business & Industry Association
  • New Jersey League of Municipalities
  • New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce
  • Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Registered Municipal Accountants Association


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