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Webinar Replay: Surviving to Thriving: Employer Considerations in a Changing Employment Market

February 2022

Mercadien’s Nonprofit & Human Services & Private Company Services Groups hosted a complimentary webinar “Surviving to Thriving: Employer Considerations in a Changing Employment Market”.  
Presenters, Christina M. Reger, Esq., Founding Partner, Law Offices of Christina M. Reger & Kate Cione, Vice President of Strategy, The O’Connor Group provided insight on the most common challenges in the employment market today, discussed COVID-19 related workforce issues, and provided best practices for employers to take your organization from surviving to thriving.

During the webinar, they went over:

    • How to mitigate employer liability
    • Identifying necessary changes & updates to existing policies & procedures
    • Different employee retention strategies
    • Ways to recruit & retain employees

After the presentation, they answered some questions and provided valuable advice for employers on how to make their organization thrive. 

To watch the webinar replay, click here

To view the slide deck, click here

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