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Mercadien Webinar Replay: M&A Series Pt. 2: Strategic Liquidity Alternatives

May 2021

Lee Boss, Managing Director of Mercadien, Valentina Midura, Senior Managing Director of BDO Capital Advisors & Gary Halpern, Former Owner & President of Neutronics presented a webinar, M&A Series Pt. 2: Strategic Liquidity Alternatives on Tuesday, May 18th along with moderator Frank Pina, Managing Director of Mercadien. The webinar was the second installment of a 4-part M&A webinar series, Maximizing the Value of a Privately-Held Business

During the webinar, they went over:

  • Strategic liquidity alternatives available to privately held companies (sale, ESOP, majority recap)
  • The types of sale transactions (strategic sale, PE/strategic bolt-on, PE platform)
  • A seller’s perspective of the M&A process
  • Choosing the right buyer & structure
  • Life after sale

After the presentation, they answered some questions and provided valuable advice for organizations interested in strategic liquidity alternatives. 

To watch the webinar replay, click here

To view the slide deck, click here

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