Government Audit and Consulting


When it comes to the audit requirements of your governmental agency or department, many important constituencies anxiously await the end result. It’s a stressful, demanding process that requires year-long preparation and communication as well as personnel and financial resources. We’re here to make this process as painless as possible, and provide results you can trust. At Mercadien, we ensure your organization meets the multi-faceted challenges of increasing regulatory and contract requirements of federal, state and local government, deadlines, internal criteria, and objectives. We do this by quickly identifying your pressing issues and making recommendations – with the end goal of saving you money. We also keep you informed of emerging industry trends, the latest Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) pronouncements and how to navigate any financial statement restructures. Utilizing our extensive insight and expertise, we consistently help our clients anticipate industry changes and achieve innovative solutions through collaboration.


When you engage us to do a government audit, you can expect a complete and thorough job. Tough but fair, our clients tell us that they appreciate our commitment and dedication to high-quality work and that our financial statements are a meaningful tool in the marketplace. We enjoy working with our clients each year and believe the better we know them, the greater the efficiency. Transparency and accountability are paramount to any successful audit and we will report any issues to your team, immediately, should they arise. We abide by a no-surprises policy; it’s part of delivering the Mercadien Client Experience.

Our team is diverse; we are intergenerational and inclusive. Members of our government consulting group are Registered Municipal Accountants, Public School Accountants, Certified Municipal Financial Officers and Certified Government Financial Managers. We are driven by social responsibility and strongly believe in supporting our surrounding communities. Our partners and staff currently serve more than 100 civic and charitable organizations in various capacities. We do this because it’s the right thing to do – and because we believe it makes us better at what we do.

Our clients are also diverse, ranging from major state commissions, departments, authorities, and agencies, to counties and major urban cities, to school districts and municipalities. We have the capacity to take on a variety of engagements – as large and complex as they come. Aside from providing government audit and attest services, we also work with clients on compliance oversight, contract reviews, monitoring and testing, and project and management consulting, as well as building and implementing effective audit, post-audit, documentation and outsourcing strategies and programs.


Federal, State and Local Government/Compliance

  • Financial statement audits
  • Government Auditing Standards (GAS) or Yellow Book and single audits
  • Cost allocation audits

Bond Offerings

  • Official statement development assistance
  • Consultations with attorneys, underwriters, financial advisors and credit rating agencies
  • Supplemental debt statement preparation
  • Refunding bond verification services and consent letters
  • Arbitrage rebate calculations

Accounting & Consulting

  • GASB statement implementation
  • Municipal advisory services
  • Internal control risk assessment
  • Consolidation studies
  • Accounting and management assistance
  • Agreed-upon procedures and compilation
  • Forensic investigations


  • Registered Municipal Accountants Association
  • Association of Government Accountants
  • Government Finance Officers Association
  • New Jersey Association of Counties
  • Association of Environmental Authorities
  • New Jersey League of Municipalities
  • AICPA Government Audit Quality Center (GAQC)
  • College Business Officers Association
  • New Jersey Business & Industry Association
  • New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce
  • Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce


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