Business Valuation Services

There are many reasons why you may need a business valuation, and correctly valuing assets and liabilities can be time-consuming and confusing. Whether you are gifting your business to a family member, selling or buying a business as part of a merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy, or going through a litigation such as a matrimonial or business divorce, you need a valuation expert you can trust and rely on.

Mercadien’s team of trained and accredited professionals bring real world experience in providing objective and defensible valuations tailored to your business. Our experts consider all potential valuation methods to provide our clients with values that are both theoretically and quantitatively sound. We have extensive valuation advisory experience and provide clients with valuation expertise in the areas of expert testimony, litigation support, tax analysis and reporting, and M&A strategy.

Common scenarios where you would typically need business valuation services include:

  • Gifting your business to a family member or charity as part of your estate planning efforts
  • Selling your business or buying a business/M&A activity
  • Succession planning
  • Business or shareholder disputes
  • Marital dissolution and divorce
  • Other litigation support efforts such as economic damage assessments or lost profits analysis

Our business valuation services team can provide you with guidance no matter what your situation is. We offer different levels of valuation services and reporting that best meets your needs and objectives. When you engage our team, you will receive tailored solutions that help you measure, analyze, and report on valuation issues, that are reflective of your size, business stage, and industry. While some situations require a detailed valuation report (e.g., to fulfill IRS or other regulatory reporting requirements), there are variations thereof. Regardless of your situation, you should consider engaging a business valuation expert like Mercadien to give you the perspective you need to help arm yourself with the insights and data required to make strategic and informed business decisions.

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