Marguerite L. Mount

Marguerite L. Mount

CPA, CGMA, PFS Managing Director at The Mercadien Group, Principal at Mercadien P.C., Certified Public Accountants, Chairman of The Mercadien Foundation

Business & Financial Consulting, Family Office, Individual Services, International Human Capital Services, Succession & Exit Planning, Trust & Estate Planning


“Before you understand the numbers, you need to understand the person.”

For Marguerite Mount, empowering her clients around handling their finances is at the heart of her practice. That means demystifying complex financial and tax challenges by being accessible – in her language, conversations and responsiveness. Known for encouraging her clients to ask tough questions, Marguerite always offers honest, thoughtful feedback with intention and care.  Before any decision can be made, Marguerite encourages proper research and due diligence take place to be as prepared as possible about moving forward.

As Managing Director and Chair of Mercadien’s Individual Services Group, Marguerite acts upon her belief that “knowledge and kindness mean everything.” Passionate about helping her clients reach their goals, Marguerite takes great pride in working with families across generations in the areas of strategic, business, tax, and estate planning. A seasoned pro in all aspects of budgeting and tax compliance and law, she brings a practical depth of knowledge and insight to planning for her clients.  Marguerite also has extensive experience in applying international tax treaties to the individual and corporate environment and has advised multi-national taxpayers on a variety of tax and compliance issues.

In addition, Marguerite offers trust and estate administration to her clients. She regularly provides executors and trustees with guidance related to federal and state estate and inheritance tax compliance, fiduciary accounting, income tax compliance and administration.

Providing good timing and a solid understanding of law and economics, Marguerite helps her clients get better outcomes by being more strategic with their money and assets. As Chair of the Mercadien Foundation, which promotes financial literacy, Marguerite is a strong advocate of educating and informing her community to enhance understanding and prowess in their financial life and beyond. Marguerite also heads Mercadien’s leadership program, supporting and mentoring younger professionals in their career and personal development and integration.

Personal Fact: Marguerite or “Mimi” as she is known among her family, friends and clients, nurtures a creative soul – designing handbags, jewelry and accessories and painting in her spare time. She is also a water enthusiast and loves spending time with her husband, two children and beloved dog.


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