J. Patrick Julian

J. Patrick Julian

CPA, CGMA Director at Mercadien P.C., Certified Public Accountants

Compliance Oversight


Pat Julian is a Director with Mercadien’s Compliance Oversight Group and has been in the accounting world for 30 years. His experience stretches from working at the GAO to a Big Four firm, and from Missouri to New York to Washington, DC to international assignments. At Mercadien, Pat’s responsible for engagements that monitor and test compliance at various New Jersey state agencies, hospitals and medical practices.

Organization is key to Pat’s success. He stays ahead of the game by planning out his engagements a month in advance, which allows him to adapt to any surprises he may encounter. He communicates with his teams and his clients on all matters, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. He loves facing new challenges with each engagement and meeting new people. In order to build lasting relationships, Pat finds common ground with all of his engagements.

Pat is directly responsible for the contract Mercadien has with the New Jersey Division of Medical Assistance & Health Services to provide the post-payment inspections and monitoring for the New Jersey Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program. He assisted state representatives in drafting the State’s audit approach document pertaining to this program, which was submitted and approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. A recognized expert in risk-based financial and internal audit design, inspections pertaining to Medicaid programs, and management and financial reporting, Pat’s background in other areas, such as audit management and reporting, fraud investigation, forensic engagements and in the construction, real estate, hospitality, sports and entertainment, manufacturing, professional services and retail industries, is clearly extensive.  As a result, he has given numerous presentations in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania to state and professional organizations in various industry sectors on these topics.

Pat emulates all of Mercadien’s values, but really emphasizes respect. Pat believes everyone should follow the Golden Rule, “one should treat others as one would like other to treat oneself.” He believes everyone should be treated with respect, regardless of whether they are a business owner, entry-level employee or celebrity. He gives everyone the respect and courtesy he would want in return.  He had the opportunity to form his opinion on this concept as a young man, while working in a luxury boutique hotel, where he met many high-profile individuals, including six former presidents.

Personal Fact: In his spare time, Pat enjoys watching sports, walking foot paths with his wife, visiting art museums and caring for his three dogs — Joey, Gracie and Timmy.


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