Christopher Seiz

Christopher Seiz

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Executive Director of The Mercadien Foundation

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[/vc_column_text][rd_line color=”#d6d6d6″][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]Chris Seiz is the Executive Director of Mercadien Foundation, Inc., where he spearheads addressing community needs in the areas of financial literacy and capability. Through the foundation’s four pillars – Research, Convene, Develop, and Support – Chris strategically evaluates current financial capability and develops partnerships to create opportunities for individuals to better understand their personal finances and gain financial independence. By transitioning the Foundation to a public charity and developing two regional programs, Money$peak and the $martWorkplace Program, he continues to focus on improving personal financial literacy and capability in New Jersey.

Relating to the teachings of Buddha, “There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance,” Chris developed two programs to help people build a strong personal financial foundation and expand on what they already know. He created the Money$peak program to teach high school students about personal finance in a more engaging way that incorporates their interests. The annual Money$peak competition gives students an opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned through creative presentations on their personal finance topic of choice. Small teams present to a panel and have the opportunity to win prizes and build their resumes for college. To ensure this important financial education was reaching more than just high school students, Chris developed a second program, $martWorkplace, which evaluates businesses on how well their culture and benefits encourage financial literacy and capability. Through this program, Chris assesses businesses and helps them improve their employee’s financial knowledge.

Chris attends numerous events at high schools, presenting on the importance of understanding personal finances and how it relates to students in the big picture. He also visits businesses and corporations throughout New Jersey to gain an understanding of the benefits and financial education they offer to their employees. He evaluates gaps in operations and works with the business to develop programs that benefit both the employees and the employer.

Prior to joining Mercadien, Chris was the Executive Director of a regional arts and sciences organization where he was responsible for the organizations’ strategy, operations, and business development. Chris’ experience in programmatic development has been an asset to the Mercadien Foundation, helping grow the Foundation to be a staple in educating individuals in financial literacy and capability.[/vc_column_text][rd_line color=”#d6d6d6″][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Personal Fact: A nature lover, Chris would rather spend his time outside than indoors. He loves to ride his bike and also has a creative side. Chris is a photographer and collects antique fruit jars. 

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  • Maryland Institute College of Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts

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  • Family Guidance Center of Mercer County (Board of Trustees Member)
  • Young Nonprofit Professionals of New Jersey (Board Member)



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