Michelle Everman

File & Suspend: A Social Security Strategy

The file and suspend Social Security strategy received media attention after the 2015 fiscal budget was released by the White House earlier this year. The Obama administration, in their budget narrative “proposes to eliminate aggressive Social Security claiming strategies, which allow upper-income beneficiaries to manipulate the timing of collection of Social Security benefits to maximize delayed…

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5 Steps to Achieve Your Financial Goals

What are your financial aspirations for the coming year? Would you like to pay off some high-interest debt? Step up your retirement savings? Set aside enough for an exciting vacation? Below are several wise steps to turn your financial objectives into realistic goals: 1. Create a Budget It will be difficult to lower your debt…

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Real Woman Magazine Features Michelle Everman

You’ve probably heard stories like Michelle Everman’s before – at least, the first chapter: Four years into a promising career as a certified public accountant at one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, she began to wonder if she’d missed her true calling and enrolled in culinary school.  Fast-forward eight years, and her Princeton-based catering…

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