Kyle Neeld

Trending Now in the Nonprofit Sector

It’s difficult to recall another time period in recent history when nonprofit organizations faced such a preponderance of financial and operational challenges and new developments.  Every time you turn around, read an industry or news publication, or attend a professional conference or meeting, there’s a new concern or regulation nonprofits must take into account and…

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NJAMHAA News Profile on Mercadien’s Nonprofit Services and Kyle Neeld

When Kyle Neeld, CPA, began working for the Mercadien Group 15 years ago, he was a consultant for the long-term care services group, conducting financial and market feasibility studies for organizations looking to develop assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. With this experience, he then transitioned into auditing for long-term-care clients and afterwards, began to…

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How Nonprofits Should Manage Risk

Given today’s fast-paced environment and the significant social, technological and regulatory changes that have occurred over the past few years, nonprofit organizations are subject to a myriad of risks. As a result, it’s more important than ever to identify your organization’s risks and develop a risk assessment work plan to address and mitigate them. Risk,…

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