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NJAMHAA News Profile on Mercadien’s Nonprofit Services and Kyle Neeld

April 2015

Support System

When Kyle Neeld, CPA, began working for the Mercadien Group 15 years ago, he was a consultant for the long-term care services group, conducting financial and market feasibility studies for organizations looking to develop assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. With this experience, he then transitioned into auditing for long-term-care clients and afterwards, began to focus on financial audits for other types of nonprofit organizations, as well as some for-profit companies.

Currently, Neeld is a managing director of the firm and co-leader of Mercadien’s Nonprofit Services Group. “It’s very rewarding because many nonprofit clients do not have the financial expertise or resources so they rely on us to provide assistance and offer insight. This requires additional time to train their staff and provide assistance, which is rewarding knowing that you have helped someone and made a difference. Our clients have come to rely on this level of client service that we provide. We know that the assistance provided ultimately benefits organizations in the long run and adds to the betterment of their staff,” Neeld said.

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