Our Culture and Community

Who We Are

We believe a company’s culture is their most important asset. A strong set of foundational values, a purposeful mission, and passionate, collaborative, action-oriented people are invaluable to long-lasting success.

At Mercadien, we take pride in our culture and the growth we’ve seen for the last 50-plus years. Protecting our family-oriented culture is important to us, as is cultivating diversity and inclusion within our firm.

Our Core Values

At the foundation of our firm is a set of core values that we use as our compass. These values are based on our work, how we interact with one another and the strategies we use to accomplish our goals. We define leadership as embracing these core values and having the courage to act on them on behalf of ourselves, our families, our firm, our clients, colleagues, and community. We pledge to be accountable to the following:

  • Integrity
    Conducting our affairs honestly and ethically and doing what’s right, regardless of the cost or consequence.
  • Excellence
    Striving to be the best in everything we do, being a part of something special, and enabling ourselves and others to reach the highest potential.
  • Responsibility
    Being accountable for the success, development, and improvement of our families, our firm, ourselves, our clients, colleagues, environment and community.
  • Creativity
    Embracing change and continually seeking out and developing innovative ways to serve all of our constituencies, recognizing that failure is an integral part of success.
  • Respect
    Appreciating, understanding, and supporting our colleagues, clients, and community.

Culture can’t be forced or mandated - it’s what happens organically when you have the right combination of people, processes, and principles. It’s this organic synergy that becomes an organization’s lifeline. As you get to know us, you’ll find the collective passion for our firm and our clients is palpable. We work as a team to best serve our clients in a cohesive and collaborative way, always providing excellence with every interaction.

A Closer Look

Our culture is diverse; we’re intergenerational, come from different race and ethnic backgrounds, live in urban and rural areas, collectively speak more than 15 languages and celebrate difference. Difference brings new perspectives and new perspectives bring innovation, which always leads to better solutions for our clients.

Our working environment is eco-friendly; both internally and externally. We have green initiatives in place, including solar panels on our roof, and promote a paperless atmosphere and various recycling programs to minimize our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.

Our hearts are with our communities; supporting our neighbors is very important to us and our clients tell us they appreciate our commitment to integrity and social responsibility. Whether through board and committee leadership, fundraising, volunteerism, or in-kind contributions, our employees are dedicated and passionate about giving back to the communities we serve. The firm encourages all associates to get involved and provides financial support, time during the work day, awards/financial incentives, recognition, and often coordinates these activities for employees.

Our firm is set up to support one another. We do this through several committees and activities, such as our Women’s Initiative,  Mercadien University, Mentoring, Buddy, and Wellness Programs. Workplace health and our associates' well-being are very important to us. We encourage feedback from all our employees and have formalized programs in place. Ask us about the Associate Advisory Committee and the popular WOW Awards, where associates nominate their peers for going above and beyond in their work or actions and winners are recognized and rewarded at the firm level.

We’ve been delivering the Mercadien Client Experience to our clients for decades - and it’s the strength and lasting continuity of our culture that has driven our success.

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~ Kyle Neeld
Managing Director; Co-chair, Nonprofit & Human Services