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Wrongful Termination in the Midst of Economic Uncertainty

Wrongful termination litigation tends to increase during economic uncertainty, following company-wide layoffs and reductions in work force. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. Forensic accountants are often retained to provide economic damages assessments related to claims involving allegations of wrongful termination.

Mercadien’s Forensic & Litigation Support Services Group has substantial experience evaluating these claims, which often include measurement of lost income and mitigation income, impact on employer-provided benefits, and valuation of stock options or other retirement plans. Economic losses claimed under these circumstances may also include estimates of medical costs or valuations of non-cash benefits, such as the option to work flextime. Mercadien practitioners also conduct similar analyses associated with personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Our litigation support consultants rely on economic theory and models developed from labor economics and statistics, but we tailor our analyses for each matter, using case-specific data and relevant statistics to develop defensible quantitative damages models. We have extensive experience presenting damages assessments in mediations and arbitrations, in expert reports and declarations, and via expert testimony both at deposition and at trial. We also provide consulting services related to wrongful termination and personal injury claims, helping concerned parties evaluate the potential scope of the claims. While many wrongful termination and personal injury cases often involve a single plaintiff or small group, Mercadien’s experts also have the requisite experience to evaluate such claims in a class action setting.

When it comes to assessing damages in wrongful termination and personal injury cases, consider enlisting the help of Mercadien’s qualified professionals. If you would like to learn more about how Mercadien can help you assess such claims, please contact me at or (609) 689-2319, or my colleague Jeffrey Baresciano, CPA, CFF, ABV, CVA, at (609) 689-2386 or

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