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NJACP Newsletter: Mercadien’s Nonprofit Services Group address key issues

May 2015

Business meeting

The NJACP May Monthly Membership meeting was held on May 20th and featured updates on fee for service and the supports program as well as a discussion with Joe Young, Executive Director of Disability Rights New Jersey. Disability Rights New Jersey is an advocate for the human, civil and legal rights of citizens of New Jersey with disabilities. Additionally, Representatives of Mercedien, a NJACP preferred vendor, discussed gap analysis, representative payee, HIPAA compliance, and merger and acquisition, and risk management services that are available to members.

Vicky Calabro, NJACP President, and Valerie Sellers, NJACP CEO, provided the following updates. Please note there are several requests for information from members so that NJACP can more effectively advocate on providers’ behalf (these requests are highlighted).

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