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MidJersey Chamber of Commerce Honors Sherise Ritter as Citizen of the Year

August 2014

Ritter Citizen of the Year

Sherise Ritter is living proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Growing up in Hamilton Square, one of her earliest altruistic experiences was helping her mother raise money for Deborah Hospital. That’s where the spark first ignited her affinity for helping others and keeping herself busy. “My mom has always been a real go-getter,” Ritter says. “She’s 80 years old now and still working. That’s where I get it form.”

At Mercadien, Ritter works with small businesses and individuals, but the lion’s share of her work is dedicated to non-profits. Ritter chairs the Non-Profit Services Group, where she finds she’s not only serving the needs of clients, but also educating and steering them on the right course so they can be more effective to the people and causes they serve.

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