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Michelle Everman Selected as PRCC Champion of Business Award Recipient

January 2016

Dear Friends, Welcome to 2016! The warm breezes of 2015 are now in the past and we can now look forward to the wonderful cold of winter and the beginning of a new year — 2016! The area fitness centers are full (for now) and people are following diets (for now). Ok, some people are starting fresh and will continue on the straight and narrow, but most will fall off the wagon and continue their lives as they have in the past.

So what new year’s resolutions have you set? Did you decide to read more books? Or pick up a hobby? Or learn something new each day? OR did you decide to join the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce, get involved in a committee and begin to make a huge difference in your career! There is no doubt in my mind that participation in the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce can help you meet experienced business professionals, gain some useful economic insight, and truly further your business and career.

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