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Mercadien Webinar Replay: CARES Act – Tax & Financial Reporting Considerations

April 2020

Managing Directors Frank Pina, CPA, Lee D. Boss, CPA, MBA, & Rick Willinger, CPA, MST, presented a webinar CARES Act – Tax & Financial Reporting Considerations on Tuesday, April 14th. During the webinar, they went over:

  • Background on the CARES Act
  • Tax Impacts for Individuals & Businesses
  • Financial Reporting Considerations:
    • COVID 19 note disclosures to include with 2019 financial statements
    • Impact of COVID 19 on going concern assessments
    • Impact on year 2020 financial statements

After the presentation, they answered some specific questions relating to the topic and provided valuable advice for organizations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To watch the webinar replay, click here. 

To view the slide deck, click here. 

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