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Attorney at Law Magazine Profiles Frank Pina

June 2014

Frank Pina

What drew you to a career as an accountant?  Did you ever want to be something else?

Although being the Phillie Phanatic – the world’s greatest mascot – was my childhood dream, accounting has long been considered the language of business and I always fancied myself a businessman from an even earlier age. However, the idea of becoming a forensic accountant or the “CPA on CSI” seemed even more intriguing and glamorous, especially in light of all the serious accounting improprieties and outright frauds discovered over the last 20 years.

As an accountant, how do you work with attorneys?

The majority of my career has been in the forensic accounting and litigation support arena, where I help individuals and entities across various industries manage business controversy, execute deals and maintain compliance.  In my role as forensic expert, I provide investigative insights and financial clarity to attorneys in the midst of complex commercial disputes and civil and criminal litigation matters.

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