Professional Services

Service-based organizations of all types find themselves in possession of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) for the clients and consumers they support.  Regardless of expertise or industry sector, service organizations are faced with ever-growing compliance and regulatory requirements, many of which are becoming audit items that must be supported by a certified risk assessment, including a penetration test and continuance-of-operations plans for protecting data and maintaining service delivery.

Mercadien Technologies staffs a wide-range of highly-experienced cyber threat experts that assist professional service firms with the development and maintenance of internal controls as well as policies and procedures to ensure they are complying with regulatory requirements and their data is protected and secure.

Blase Salvatore

Blase E. Salvatore, II

Managing Director at The Mercadien Group, President of Mercadien Technologies

Chris Mangano

Chris Mangano

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mercadien Technologies

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