Jill Ann Bartels

Jill Ann Bartels

CPA, CGMA Director at Mercadien P.C., Certified Public Accountants

Individual Services, Family Office, Trust & Estate Planning, Outsourced Accounting and CFO Services


Jill Ann Bartels tells her team, and her clients, to “take one day at a time.” As a Director with Mercadien, Jill Ann knows how overwhelming life can be. It’s her positive attitude and focus that gets her and her clients through the day. As part of Mercadien’s Individual Services Group, she focuses on tax preparation and reviewing tax returns, gift tax returns, United States estate (and generation-skipping transfer) tax returns, as well as trust, estate and financial planning, helping individuals ensure their finances are in order. Knowing that some clients may be going through significant changes, Jill Ann approaches every situation calmly, confidently, and focused. She is always available to her clients, helping them whether an issue is large or small.

Jill Ann is also known as a problem-solver. She never shies away from a challenge. As part of Mercadien’s Outsourced Accounting and CFO Services Group, she’s ready to jump in and work with your team to accomplish your goals. Her focused approach will get your organization through any challenge regardless of whether it’s bookkeeping, executive transitioning, or preparing financial statements. She will be by your side the entire way.

Before transitioning to her current role, Jill Ann worked with the Government Services Group at Mercadien. She was a member of the GASB Task Force, and worked with numerous municipalities and governmental units managing large audit engagements. Jill Ann also worked with nonprofit organizations, improving their audit efficiency.

Jill Ann began her accounting career with a firm that was part of what is now The Mercadien Group. Since then, she has continued to grow with Mercadien, and still works closely with several former co-workers, who are now clients.

Personal Fact: Jill Ann enjoys spending time with her family, visiting relatives in Pennsylvania, and watching Sci-Fi television shows.