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NJAMHAA News features Mercadien’s Financial and Technology Services

July 2014

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Since The Mercadien Group exhibited at NJAMHAA’s Information Technology Project’s conference earlier this year and joined NJAMHAA’s IT Council, the company has received calls from a number of NJAMAA members requesting assessments of their external vulnerability.

“They’re asking about penetration tests and holistic assessments of their technology, of what they have now and how to develop a road map to where they need to be,” said Chris Mangano, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mercadien Technologies, on of the seven Mercadien Group Companies.

Lisa Thouin, Principal of the Mercadien Group, who works on the accounting and auditing side of the company, has had a similar discussion with NJAMHAA members. She and Mangano are working together ” to  develop a solution and economies of scale in terms of growth planning and modernizing technology,” as Mangano explained…

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