Developing a succession plan requires an analysis of various data on operations, finances, the objectives of the owner and the management capabilities of family members. Based on our extensive background and expertise in financial and business matters, our professionals are particularly qualified to guide you through each stage of succession planning.
By blending our knowledge and experience with the goals of your company, we can facilitate an orderly transfer of ownership and management of your company, as well as maximize long-term value. Value comes in many forms - minimizing estate taxes, maximizing sales proceeds (after tax), and ensuring multigenerational success are just a few. We will help in educating you and your team and guide you through a successful succession of your business.
We can help you:
  • Conduct interviews with key family and non-family managers
  • Clarify your goals and those of key employees
  • Interview and evaluate potential successors
  • Analyze alternative succession plans to determine their advantages and disadvantages
  • Develop a written succession plan and document the necessary skills to operate the business
  • Plan a succession training program in advance of the owner’s retirement
  • Create a contingent plan for unexpected situations
  • Implement the succession plan
If you are concerned with the succession of your business, we can help you ensure that the legacy created by your entrepreneurship and hard work will continue far into the future.
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