Knowing where you want to go and knowing how to get there are not the same. As advisors to business owners for more than five decades, Mercadien professionals understand the challenges you face, the hurdles in front of you and the resources you need to bring to bear to reach your goal.
We have done it. We continue to do it and are focused on assisting you in your strategic planning efforts.
We are different because we, like you, are entrepreneurs. It provides you an insight into where the opportunities and pitfalls await. Mercadien’s strategic planning concept is not simply a map, it is a concierge service. From helping you define your goals to assisting you chart the course to get there and ultimately helping with the implementation strategies to ensure your success, we take you to the pinnacle and back again to make certain that where you think you want to go, and where you think need to go, are determined before you get started. It is just like every other creative approach we take - know what you want, determine if it realistic, and take the most prudent path.
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