Deals. Contracts. Negotiations. Valuations. Bonds. Closed doors. Media circuses. The sports and entertainment business plays by its own set of rules.
Mercadien Consulting has expertise in facility operation; construction management; valuation, acquisition and sale of minor league franchises; business plan development; corporate sponsorship and marketing agreements; and tax and financial planning. Our professionals have consulted to major and minor league franchises and stadiums, theme parks, professional athletes and other high-profile clients.
We provide a full complement of services that allows us to become a key player on each of our client’s teams:
Valuation, acquisition and sale of major and minor league franchises
  • Procurement of acquisition financing
  • Representation of prospective purchasers before governing bodies
Business plan development
  • Creation of business plans to obtain acquisition financing for franchises
  • Performance of lease analyses and negotiations
  • Preparation of feasibility studies for proposed facilities
  • Development of corporate sponsorship and marketing agreements for sporting and theme park events to secure blue-chip sponsors and promote ticket sales
Athlete and entertainment management
  • Advisement on financial, tax and professional sporting rules
  • Contract administration
  • Preparation of complex interstate individual tax returns
  • Representation before taxing authorities
  • Performance of career planning and management functions
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