Financial Literacy
In honor of The Mercadien Group's 50th anniversary The Mercadien Foundation launched a financial literacy initiative to serve the community.
Working primarily with high school educators and non profit organizations, The Mercadien Foundation has teamed up with local leaders to spark financial literacy education in all age groups using successful models and innovative techniques. Our goal:
Add fuel to the fire that has been surrounding financial education - benefitting our county and beyond with measurable success in education and collaboration.
Success in The Mercadien Foundation's programs will be scaled to cover a wider geographic area and impact a greater number of individuals and families.
In Fall 2014, Money$peak launched as an extracurricular, competitive program for Mercer County’s high school students to encourage the development of creative and innovative presentations showing deep understanding of key concepts in personal finance. Developed in conjunction with co-sponsor Rider University, the program melds the personal finance curriculum (Standard 9.2) with student talents and interests. Money$peak is designed to advance both a student’s grasp of everyday financial concepts and enhance their transition to independent and financially-competent consumers.
The $martWorkplace initiative, a program recognizing workplaces for supporting financially capable employees and a strengthening their communities is teaming up with employers and regional businesses to develop and launch shortly. Stay tuned!
$mart Workplace
Jeans for Charity
The Mercadien Group's associates join together in support of their community by participating in the Jeans for Charity program. Through dress-down days, Jeans for Charity consistently raises thousands of dollars for community organizations where associates are directly connected; through participation in an event or program, serving on the board, or having benefited directly from services themselves.
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