To make a positive impact on our community through support, education, and outreach.
To establish, conduct, maintain and support undertakings and activities that are exclusively charitable or educational in purpose, including particularly, but without limitation, undertakings and activities intended to provide economic support to community based and other charitable purposes.
Strategic Goals
  • Research: Determine need, best practices, and successes.
  • Convene: Bring together people and organizations to strengthen education.
  • Develop: Create innovative programs to support the needs revealed through research.
  • Support: Enhance the educational impact of the strong organizations serving the citizens of Mercer County.
Core Values
  • Integrity – conducting our affairs honestly and ethically and doing what’s right, regardless of the cost or consequence.
  • Excellence – striving to be the best in everything we do, being a part of something special, and enabling ourselves and others to reach the highest potential.
  • Responsibility – being accountable for the success, development, and improvement of our families, our firm, ourselves, our clients, colleagues, and community.
  • Creativity – embracing change and continually seeking out and developing innovative ways to serve our families, our firm, ourselves, our clients, colleagues, and community, recognizing that failure is an integral part of success.
  • Respect – appreciating, understanding, and supporting ourselves and others, our colleagues, our clients, and community.
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