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For the past 20 years, Mercadien Technologies has been dedicated to providing secure, reliable and affordable IT services to numerous organizations of varying size, industry and location. We offer business solutions that allow clients to use the latest technologies to operate more efficiently and securely, while avoiding the common pitfalls of managing technology. We add value to relationships by acting as a trusted resource to maximize your IT investments, enabling you to concentrate on your core competencies and strategic initiatives.
Today’s network environment demands a depth of expertise in a variety of areas that no one person could know. Our team of experienced and certified systems and security engineers and consultants makes it possible for your personnel to focus on the core initiatives critical to your business growth.
We bring you cutting-edge technology that relieves you of the day-to-day burden of IT operations and problems. From routine system management to complete IT outsourcing, our MCare™ programs take day-to-day administration off your shoulders, keep your systems available and secure, and optimize your data and infrastructure.
Providing you with technology solutions that efficiently enable you to meet your clients’ expectations, while increasing your productivity and return on investment is our primary goal. As a client, you would benefit not only from engaging with a foremost thought leader on challenges and trends in the IT sector, but also from our proactive, responsive culture. Forward-thinking and relationship-driven, we know our clients, and our customized, flexible programs are designed to benefit you.
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