Commercial, healthcare, and federal, state and local government entities today face an unprecedented burden of continually increasing and changing regulatory requirements, risk exposures, and related compliance responsibilities. This burden shows no signs of abating. Such challenges demand not only significant attention from managers throughout an organization, but also, more and more, the expertise of qualified auditors and compliance professionals. 
A Record of Leadership & quality assurance
Mercadien’s Compliance Oversight Services Group has specialized in this practice for more than 20 years, mainly providing large-scale, complex, continous monitoring services to government and commercial entities throughout New Jersey, the tri-state area, and the nation.
Our team has a proven, consistent, risk-based approach that can help you develop and improve your business processes and control programs to mitigate risk and other exposures, ensure transparency and accountability, and enable you to meet compliance and contractual obligations as well as financial and strategic objectives.
Effective risk management solutions
Mercadien’s professionals draw on their extensive backgrounds in different industries, deep knowledge of all relevant regulations, and the significant resources and capabilities stemming from the firm’s 50-year market presence and business growth. 
Our proactive, forward-thinking, relationship-driven compliance services are designed to benefit your organization. They encompass:
  • fiscal and programmatic oversight of projects and third parties,
  • contract and statutory compliance,
  • budget monitoring,
  • risk assessment and remediation, and
  • governance and technology programs.
Experience the implementation of appropriate and effective audit, compliance and risk management solutions, and the resultant valuable reporting systems, decision-making abilities, and enterprise protection that will be afforded to your entity. 
  • Services
    • Contract & Regulatory Compliance
    • Sub-recipient & Third-party Monitoring
    • Business Process & Control Improvements
    • Intellectual Property Licenses & Royalty Audits
    • Risk Assessment
    • Governance Advisory
    • Internal & Performance Audits
    • HIPAA, EHR & HITECH Compliance
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